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The GSA Contract Authority – MarketUS

We are the oldest Service Disabled Veteran Owned company providing GSA assistance to companies.

Celebrating our 31st year serving you.

Why do we believe having a GSA contract is so important?  Have you ever tried to rent a car without a credit card?  The same scenario exists.  The government cannot just buy from you.  You need a contract vehicle for the buyer to place an order against.  A GSA contract is the fastest and easiest way to get a ‘number’ to make the buyer’s job easier.

Many companies believe that simply registering with SAM (System for Award Management) will net you business.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  SAM registration is required before you can do business with the government, that’s all.  You must have a contract vehicle for the buyer to place an order against.  Get started now with your own GSA contract.

The myth is that a company can succeed without a contract and continue to accept open market orders of $3,000 or less.  This violates the CICA (Competition in Contracting Act) and is illegal for multiple purchases.  The buyer must combine these requirements and place an order with a contract holder.  Do not get caught in this web, get your GSA contract now.

Need to accept credit cards?
Required for GSA contracts.  We have negotiated low rates for you.powerpay

Explore the MarketUS Difference

MarketUS provides the following tools to help you succeed in the government marketplace.

Do I qualify for GSA

This is your first step in your quest for a GSA contract.  We will analyze your business model and tell you if you should proceed with the process.

I need more sales

Not getting the revenue you thought possible?  Have you met the $25,000 sales requirement for your GSA contract?  Is GSA about to cancel your contract for lack of sales?  We can help.

I need more capital

If you need a capital infusion to help grow your business, we may be able to help.

SBA business plans

Did you know the SBA has a business plan series to help you develop yours?

State & Local

Did you know that some GSA contracts can be used by state and local governments?

Our webcasts

View our webcasts to learn more about the value of holding your own GSA contract.

Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!


coming soon 2Mike Price played an integral part in Network Management Resource’s ability to obtain a GSA Schedule. We were a new company, and had no previous experience in developing a GSA Schedule or submitting the proper paperwork to GSA to be a awarded a contract. We looked to Mike for his expertise in this area, and without him, we could not have been awarded a GSA schedule. -DG, President


ameritechThanks for being able to play the political game internally here. I would still be fighting to get our contract awarded if you had not showed us the way to play the game. You made the process go smoothly and painless. I am happy to refer everyone I know to you, thanks again. -DH, Director of Federal Systems


EMu_logo_blueI would like to extend my thanks for your quick and efficient services to enable us to obtain our GSA Schedule. It was a significant advantage to have your expertise available during the process. I would not have contemplated doing it myself. Your timely responses and can-do attitude were greatly appreciated. It was an added bonus to deal with a person who understands software licensing and pricing strategies and who uses the internet effectively for communications. -AK, President


coming soon 2We tried to achieve a GSA contract award for a year with no luck. Being a small business, we didn’t have time to fill out all the paperwork for the GSA and run our day to day operations. We were then told about MarketUS, and how they could help us with our GSA goal. After a couple phone conversations, and some emails back and forth, we went ahead and decided to work with them. We filled out some forms and before we knew it, our paperwork had been submitted. MarketUS took a lot of the hassle off of our hands, and we were still able to continue on with our day to day operations. -SW, VP


ForumLogo-150x100On a side note, I want to tell you that I am very pleased with not only your services, but the help of your team. In particular, I worked mainly with your staff and thought that they did a great job in responding to my inquiries and politely prompting me to get them information and documents. Your staff is a great asset to your business, from an outsider’s view. I will be happy to work with you and the rest of your team in the future. -GC, VP


idahoMy team and I sat down ready for an all day working meeting with Mike at MarketUS to prepare our GSA solicitation. One of my wonderful office assistants had some experience doing this paperwork in the past and stated that it took weeks to get it all together. With Mike’s help we were finished by the end of the day and simply had to print and organize the paperwork. All in all, the process took one day to put together and it was ready to be mailed to GSA. I would definitely work with Mike any time I have questions or issues about this process. -GW, Chief Operating Officer


edsYour advise and knowledge enabled us to expand our Mentor Protege Program to help small businesses get their start in the government.  Thank you.  SB VP


As your second client, I now feel honored, thank you. Together, we became very successful in the federal marketplace. Your never-quit attitude allowed me to fulfill my lifelong dream. -WW, President


list_plated-text-logoMarketUS’ recommendations and insights were really vital in every step of the GSA proposal process and just shows that they have the experience to back it up. The commitment to us was tremendous, as was their expertise and for a reasonable cost. We received all the assistance and expertise that we were looking for. Thank you! Robert Espineira, Government Sales Manager


Helping us get our first GSA contract enabled us to add value to our company when we were acquired by Northrop.  We realized great revenue and cannot thank you enough.  SD VP


db-consulting-logoWe engaged MarketUS to assist our firm in a crisis situation “paper application vs an e-offer”. We were guided to a proper and successful solution and thoroughly enjoyed the working relationship and professional services rendered to support our goal of attaining an IT 70 Schedule in a timely manner that allowed us to bid on a $75 million government opportunity. We highly recommend MarketUS, Inc. to others in our industry. -GW, VP


coming soon 2I wanted to personally thank you for all your help in getting us on the GSA Schedule. Your in-depth knowledge of the whole process made it all seem so easy and quick. Your advise through the whole process was perfect and helped us to get on the schedule in a very short amount of time, It was a pleasure working with someone as accomplished and knowledgeable as you. I will be sure to tell others interested in the GSA schedule about your company and will continue to use MarketUS for as long as we are using the GSA schedule. -EW, Manager


PSEMarketUS Team:  Thank you kindly for your exceptional knowledge, assistance and support throughout the eOffer process for GSA.  Working with MarketUS was the most beneficial way to submit our GSA Schedule Application; you made the process efficient, straight-forward and simple.  We sincerely appreciate your awesome assistance, great attitude, and genuine expertise in government contracts.  You make a difference! Trey Xander, Marketing Director


coming soon 2Thanks for providing a great service in putting Gemtek Inc. on the GSA Schedule. In November, 1998 I attended a seminar organized by GSA for women owned companies where they have described the process of applying for a GSA number. I thought I could do it on my own and after putting a lot of my time and effort and spending nearly eight months dealing with the formalities of GSA process, I thought that I needed professional help and hired your services in June 1999. You have put my process back on track made it successful in less than 3 months. Thanks for an outstanding job and the courtesy and patience you have shown me in working with me all the way. I learned my lesson the hard way. I will not try these things on my own. I will have you handle all my future needs. -SV, President


We have seen much success since 1989 and our first GSA contract.  We are truly InFocus now.  Thanks.  BN VP


Thank you for guiding us through a very delicate situation by getting our GSA contract. Now we can play in the big arena and generate serious revenue in the government. We appreciate your dedication and hard work by you and your staff in making this happen so quickly. -KD, VP


hyundaiThanks you your guidance, we were able to comply with the ‘Buy America’ act.  Or computer division has enjoyed great success in the government.  D.S.M.


coming soon 2This is a short note to let you know how it has been a pleasure working with you these last couple of months. You have done your job in a very professional manner and always been able to respond to all my questions in a very timely period, this I thank you. This is also to let you know, that without your help we would have never been able to get this done. Your company, MarketUS has been a great help especially the work I have done with you. -JB, Manager


We are glad to be one of the first companies to offer services under a GSA contract. You helped us eliminate the internal turmoil in getting this project completed quickly. TH VP


coming soon 2To Prospective GSA Contractors: After 10 years of successful IT contracting with the Federal Government and with many other customers, I was required by a government agency to become a certified GSA contractor. I contacted GSA, and they directed me to their website where I downloaded some 250 pages of requirements documentation concerning becoming a GSA contractor. I read through the materials twice, and then it sat on my desk for two months. I had little experience in contracting and literally no experience with GSA. I was totally frustrated by the process and had no idea where to begin with the maze of documents required for submission. With critical time constraints at hand for my company to produce its submission to GSA, I was fortunate enough to see an advertisement for a one-day training course, offered by MarketUS, Inc., specifically designed to teach customers the GSA submission process. In some degree of desperation, I registered for the MarketUS course. The course, conducted by Mike Price, turned out to be both a training session and a consultation process directed toward my specific needs to get my company’s documentation ready for submission to GSA. Twenty-four hours after the course began, my official submission was electronically transmitted to GSA. I think that little more needs to be said beyond the fact that what to me was a seemingly insurmountable task was accomplished, in partnership with MarketUS, in this remarkable period of time. I am indebted to Mr. Price and MarketUS, and I highly recommend their service to any organization frustrated, as I was, with the prospect of properly completing all of the required documentation to become a GSA contractor. -BM, President


harvardWe did not believe that we could get this awarded in a timely fashion and you proved it to be true.  We are on our way thanks to you and your team.  A.K.


ameritechThanks for making a corporate nightmare into a reality. Without your help, I would still be trying to get internal approvals to begin this project. With your help, we are already finished and now selling to the government. You made the process seem too easy. -DH, Director


avcommDear Michael, We are so thrilled to finally receive our GSA Award. We cannot thank you enough. Your patience, sense of humor and, most of all, your expertise, made what could have been an impossible task both manageable and successful. We have already recommended you and your service to other business people in our area and will continue to do so. Once again, on behalf of all of us at Avcomm, thank you for making our GSA acquisition relatively swift and smooth. You were there for us all the way, never too busy to take my calls, always with good advice and a very positive attitude. If you’re ever out this way, come pay us a visit. We’d like to meet you in person. -DB, Director of Operations


totalmediaI want to say thank you for the handholding you provided us with which enabled us to obtain our GSA Schedule much quicker then we would have been able to on our own. It was a significant advantage to have your expertise and on call readiness during the process. Your quick responses and positive attitude were greatly appreciated. It was an added bonus to work with someone with both a professional and fun attitude – you took the drudge out of working with the government.

Peter Jorgensen


dellIt is hard to remember 1986, but I remember the success we have achieved since you helped us get our first two GSA contracts. Now we are off to the races, thank you. -MD, President


VetrepreneurFrom a personal perspective, it has been a pleasure doing business with your firm for 14+ years. It has also been profitable because of your assistance in obtaining a GSA IT Schedule, your business advice on how to get the most from the Schedule, and your assistance at Federal and State business forums. As you know, I am Co-Chair for the Veteran Entrepreneur Task Force (VET-Force). Your generosity in offering a discount on your service for the returning disabled veterans is actually “Supporting Our Troops” instead of displaying a ribbon decal. Thank you for your dedication to our troops. -Bob Hesser, Master Chief, USN Permanent Disability Retired.


yahooI want to thank you for helping us in our endeavor to obtain a contract. As you know, large businesses sometimes have a greater fight internally than they do externally. Together we were able to get through that and triumph. I am happy to recommend you to anyone who asks. -GS, VP


totalgymIt took awhile because of the GSA delays, but it was worth the time to let you handle the pain.  Thanks again.  D.R.


ljtNow that LJT & Associates, Inc. has graduated from the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, I find myself taking a few moments to reflect back on the past nine years and the critical decisions we made that have directly affected our journey. This is where MarketUS comes into play. As with many small minority owned companies maximizing available cash is always a critical challenge and LJT & Associates, Inc. was no different. That is where MarketUS came into play. When we first spoke I was a bit apprehensive but you and your staff quickly allayed my concerns and showed me how to walk through the maze known as the Federal Government bureaucracy. With guidance of MarketUS we were able to get our GSA Schedule 70 contract vehicle in place but it didn’t stop there. MarketUS also helped us with our Professional Engineering Schedule as well as other GSA schedule vehicles. Additionally, MarketUS helped LJT & Associates, Inc. with several other issues concerning Web sites and email in a very efficient and cost effective manner. The irony here is that LJT & Associates, Inc. was, at that time, primarily IT Company. The engagement of MarketUS afforded LJT & Associates, Inc. the time and financial resources to broaden our capabilities and contract vehicles to give the Federal Government a path to hire LJT & Associates, Inc. to provided needed engineering services. As I reflect on the life of LJT & Associates, Inc. I view our decision to engage MarketUS and maintain a long standing relationship as one of our best professional decisions and certainly would highly recommend any company look to MarketUS as the avenue into the Federal Government contracting arena. LJT & Associates, Inc. not only cultivated a critical professional partner but more importantly made some very good friends in MarketUS -LT, President