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How should contractors identify payments as IFF if they are paying by check?

Contractors should follow the instructions in the IFF Clause, 552.238-74, and must provide the following information with all payments: contract number(s)), report amount(s)), and report …

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Why pay you when I can get on a reseller's Schedule for free?

You can use a reseller schedule. However, you will NOT be able to accept your own orders. In addition, they will most likely want you …

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Is there a time limit to submit the forms for our digital certificate? We applied for it on line but have not submitted the paperwork yet.

No. There is not a time limit on submitting your paperwork. However, it takes approximately 2 weeks from the time they receive all your information …

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When establishing a GSA Schedule BPA, can the terms and conditions of the GSA Schedule contract be modified? For example, if the GSA Schedule contract has a delivery time of 60 days from receipt of order, but the ordering office needs delivery in 30 days,

Generally, the alteration or tailoring of GSA Schedule contract terms and conditions to meet the needs of individual procurements is not permitted. Such tailoring may …

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When we establish a BPA is there a requirement to solicit more than one source or can we negotiate with one specific vendor?

When establishing a BPA the customer must follow the ordering procedures in FAR 8.404, which state, for orders above $2500 the customer must review 3 …

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I heard I'd be able to track recovery funds. Why can't I do that?

You aren’t able to track funds yet because we have not yet started receiving information from Federal agencies on how they are going to allocate …

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