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You Have Questions - We Have Answers

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  • BPA FAQs
  • Contractor Teaming FAQs
  • CoOp Purchasing FAQs
  • Digital Certificate FAQs
  • Disaster Recovery FAQs
  • eOffer FAQs
  • GSA FAQs
  • HUBZone FAQs
  • Industrial Funding Fee FAQs

Will a spot discount to state and local government entities under the GSA Schedule contract trigger the Price Reductions clause? No. Granting state and local government entities additional price

No. Granting state and local government entities additional price discounts under the GSA Schedule contract will not trigger the Price Reductions clause.

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Are all products offered under GSA Schedule contracts compliant with the Trade Agreements Act?


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Digital Certificate FAQs

How much does the Digital Certificate Cost? How does a Company Pay for it (Credit Card, Check…)? What is the processing time after payment? Does the Certificate have an expiration date?

The digital certificate ranges between $90 and $119 bepending on the vendor you choose to use. There are several methods of payment which depend on …

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How long does the process take?

We can prepare a proposal in less than two weeks. Once we submit to GSA, we can gently prod it along but we can not …

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What is the easiest way to find the location of a HUBZone in my area?

Simply log onto the web at and select the option Are You in a HUBZone? You can search the system using several designations, including …

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eOffer FAQs

How long does a company/vendor need to be in business for before submitting an application to be put on the GSA Schedule? I heard there was a two (2) year minimum time requirement.

2 years is correct.

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