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You Have Questions - We Have Answers

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Can the Multiple Award Schedules meet all of my needs? Even large or complex requirements? What if the Schedule contractor doesn't have everything under contract? How can I be certain that the services or products I need, including new technology, are alw

With over 4 million commercial services and products available, Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) can meet the vast majority of a customer’s needs. For those large …

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How can a firm's eligibility as a HUBZone participant be challenged?

The specific process for challenging a firm’s eligibility as a HUBZone participant is detailed in the SBA’s operating regulations. Generally, these regulations allow an interested …

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arra faqa

How can I contact the Administration with questions or comments about and the recovery package?

Q: A: The best method to comment or ask a question on is to use our contact us form. The question or message will …

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When a BPA is established under a Team Arrangement, can the Team Leader report the Industrial Funding Fee for the entire team?

No. Each team member must report their own sales, in accordance with the terms and conditions of their Federal Supply Schedule contract.

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If the contractor does not perform acceptably under a Cooperative Purchasing order issued by a state or local entity, should the ordering activity request the GSA Contracting Officer take corrective measures?

No. Acceptance of an order by the Schedule contractor under Cooperative Purchasing constitutes the formation of a new contract between the non-federal ordering activity and …

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Who runs

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act establishes an oversight board of inspectors general (the watchdogs of government) called the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which …

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