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You Have Questions - We Have Answers

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  • BPA FAQs
  • Contractor Teaming FAQs
  • CoOp Purchasing FAQs
  • Digital Certificate FAQs
  • Disaster Recovery FAQs
  • eOffer FAQs
  • GSA FAQs
  • HUBZone FAQs
  • Industrial Funding Fee FAQs

Who runs

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act establishes an oversight board of inspectors general (the watchdogs of government) called the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which …

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Can state and local governments issue Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) under the Schedule contracts?

Yes. State and local government entities may issue BPAs under the Schedule contracts. In order to qualify as a GSA Schedule BPA, the competition underlying …

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Contractor Teaming FAQs

How do GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) differ from Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangements?

Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA) Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangement Each team member holds a GSA Schedule contract. Only prime contractor has a government contract. Any team member …

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Can agencies join together to establish GSA Schedule BPAs?

Yes. Multiple agencies may combine their requirements in an effort to obtain better discounts under a Cooperative GSA Schedule BPA. Agencies should consolidate their requirements …

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Digital Certificate FAQs

I have a digital certificate with ACCESS for DDTC can I use the same one for eMod?

Unfortunately the certificate that you have is not one that is authorized for use on the website. The correct digital certificate needed is the …

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I've submitted a HUBZone application, but haven't heard anything yet. How can I check the status?

The application system available on the web ( has a built-in function that allows an applicant to check the status at any time. Just activate …

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