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How do GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs) differ from Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangements?

Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA)Prime Contractor/Subcontractor Arrangement
Each team member holds a GSA Schedule contract.Only prime contractor has a government contract.
Any team member may be designated the team leader. Team leader is only responsible for duties addressed in the CTA.Prime contractor cannot delegate responsibility for performance to subcontractors.
Any team member can interact directly with the government.Only prime contractor can interact with the government.
Responsibility of each team member is described in the CTA.Prime contractor is totally responsible for performance.
Each GSA Schedule contractor’s prices have been determined fair and reasonable.Prime contractor determines price reasonableness of its subcontractors.
Each contractor has privity of contract with the government.Only prime contractor has privity of contract with the government.
Ordering agency is invoiced at each GSA Schedule contractor’s prices.Ordering agency is invoiced at the prime contractor’s prices.
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