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GSA dials up new telecom services director

The e-commerce crossroad: Where is the market headed?

This column was originally published on Roger Waldron’s blog at The Coalition for Government Procurement and was republished here with permission from the author. Today the Coalition submitted comments in response to the General Services Administration’s Request for Information regarding commercial e-commerce portals. Specifically, the RFI sought feedback on several draft documents and questions related to GSA’s implementation of Section 846 of fiscal 2018’s National Defense Authorization Act. Following the release of the RFI, last week, GSA hosted a Federal Marketplace Industry Day to discuss its ongoing implementation efforts related to Section 846. By way of background, Section 846 establishes a framework for the implementation and use of commercial e-commerce portals across the government for the acquisition of certain commercial off-the-shelf items. In addition, the Section charges GSA with establishing and managing the e-commerce Portal program. In March, GSA, in consultation with the Office of Management and Budget, issued the Section 846 implementation plan, “Procurement Through Commercial E-Commerce Portals.” The Implementation Plan is the end-product of Phase I, which focused on information gathering and analysis, of GSA’s Section 846 implementation efforts. Read more…

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